Hi! I'm Stephanie.


I've been a photographer for a few years now and became a licensed real estate agent back in 2018. Through real estate, I have found a true passion of mine that I did not know existed; and yes it's taking photos of buildings, properties, and land! What a weird passion right? I even went as far as to obtain my Part 107 Drone License, so I can capture literally every angle of your property. I've also recently added floor plans to the list!

To expand on that passion, I'm very organized, detail-oriented, color specific, and a perfectionist; those qualities in a photographer are essential to beautiful and clean photos... and if you're a professional individual, you need a professional photographer.

To me, something you're passionate about, whatever it may be, is something worth doing. That's where my slogan "A Life Well Captured" comes from. Do the thing that captures the essence of your happiness and chase after that.

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